“Bumi Pasundan lahir ketika Tuhan sedang tersenyum.”  – Martinus Antonius Weselinus Brouwer

“Pasundan soil was created when God is smiling.” – Martinus Antonius Weselinus Brouwer

Photo credit : @jabbarim_

The Indonesian government through the Ministry of Tourism has decided there are 10 tourism development clusters in the world, one of the 10 clusters is the City of Bandung.

“Ministry of Tourism ask me that this Bandung tourism promotion also promotes West Java, so the title “Where the wonders of West Java begin” means, Bandung is becoming the gate where the beauty of tourism in West Java begins,” explained the Mayor of Bandung M. Ridwan Kamil.

If Indonesia’s tourism tagline is “Wonderful Indonesia”, for Bandung the tagline is “Stunning Bandung”.

“We hope that the promotion of Bandung will be brought by the tourism ministry to promote it to the whole world, I see the promotion of Indonesia is in Singapore, in Europe and up to matches, sports” he explained.

Ridwan added, to pursue the target of 20 million foreign tourists worldwide there must be socialization.

“For Indonesia sake, the tourism ministry need to socializes to all districts of West Java, so that it can leave its promotion through Stunning Bandung, although its name is Bandung but it act for all of West Java,” he explained.

Bandung’s own readiness as a tourism destination, is in fashion, food or culinary and walking tours.

“The city of Bandung, is ready with its mainstay. Hopefully West Java can generally be famous on the world stage, “he said.


Source : https://portal.bandung.go.id/posts/2016/09/07/3g4v/stunning-bandung